EcoFlow Camping Mug: Supercharge Your Beverage!

EcoFlow Camping Mug: Supercharge Your Beverage!

It came, it finally came! After what felt like an eternity of waiting (which in reality was only a week), the EcoFlow Camping Mug arrived!

- Size: height 11.2cm (including lid), diameter 8.8cm
- Material: double-layer 304 stainless steel
- Capacity: 400ml
- Transparent plastic lid
- Painted exterior with laser engraved logo

Standing at just over 11cm tall, this double layered, stainless steel black beauty offers optimal thermal performance for all your favourite beverages.

The black finish is stunning, durable and comes emblazoned with the EcoFlow logo. What more could you want from a mug?

With the ability to hold 400ml of scorchingly hot, or perfectly chilled drinks you can rest assure that you will burn (or freeze) your mouth well into the evening.

Thanks to the double walled design, the EcoFlow Camping Mug is heavily insulated, making it particularly suited for those of you that make a drink, then forget about it for hours on end. You know exactly what I’m talking about….

The lid is made from a sturdy transparent plastic and comes complete with a rubber gasket that ensures a snug fit. It even has a sliding section with yet another rubber seal. This allows you to sip your drink without covering yourself in hot chocolate during the inevitable dance around the camp fire.

Ok, it’s no Yeti, but it performs admirably for the price! The quality is great, although it has one major flaw in my marketing eyes… If right handed, the logo faces you.

This is great for the drinker, but poor positioning for advertising. I want people asking about the brand, but due to this shortcoming, that’s not gonna happen. In a future revision, I’d like to see the logo on both sides.

Other than that, it comes highly recommended and can be purchased for only £19, or £14 if you exchange some EcoCredits. FREE delivery is also included!

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