P1AN Bought to Order / Pre-Order FAQ

What is a bought to order product?

On certain occasions we have to buy products to order. This means when you place the order with us, we then order from the distributor or manufacturer. Bought to order items are not usually held in stock.

This could be due to a number of factors buy not limited to:

  • Personalisation requirements
  • Product built / made to order
  • High value
  • Over sized item

Will my order be delayed if it contains 'bought to order' products?

As we try to buy from UK based company's and distributors, your bought to order product will generally be delivered to our HQ within a couple of days of your initial order. This minimises any potential delay. On certain occasions a delay will be noticeable as the item might have to be shipped in from abroad. This is where our estimated delivery impact scale comes in! We advise buying bought to order items separately to avoid impacting your overall order. 

Estimated Delivery Impact 

Here at P1AN we have a simple sliding scale to determine delivery impact from any bought to order or pre-order items. Lets take a look:

Estimated Delivery Impact: LOW 

Low Impact items are bought to order from local suppliers or via distributors that utilize fast shipping methods. These will very rarely impact your order and have a 2-3 day average lead time.

Estimated Delivery Impact: Medium

Medium Impact items are bought to order via distributors that have slower delivery times. On average they have a  lead time of around 1 week but could take upto 2 weeks

Estimated Delivery Impact: High

High Impact items are generally items that are manufactured or customized for you or bought to order from abroad. These items have an average 1 month lead time. An example of this would be the UKSN paracord bracelets which are made to order by a small independent UK based company. 


Pre order items are normally products that we are looking to order or have manufactured but require a firm number of orders to proceed. The time scales can vary greatly with these products so watch our Facebook pages and check back regularly.