Campsite/Landowner Information

Have you been approached by a UKSN Charter and want to learn more about our organisation? If so, we have created this dedicated page outlining what the UKSN is all about, and explaining our commitment to you as a landowner.

About UKSN

UKSN is a vibrant community of outdoor enthusiasts dedicated to promoting responsible outdoor living and survival preparedness. With over 3000 members across the UK, our organisation operates with professionalism and a strong commitment to safety and environmental stewardship.

Landowner Commitment
As an organisation deeply rooted in outdoor exploration and preparedness, UKSN places a high value on fostering positive relationships with landowners. We understand the importance of earning and maintaining trust when it comes to utilising outdoor spaces for our activities and events.

What Makes the UKSN Special?

  • The UKSN has over 3000+ members.
  • The UKSN is community led organisation, primarily run by volunteers.
  • Any profits generated from membership are reinvested, further enhancing the UKSN community, its goals and projects.
  • The UKSN has a fully formed constitution and code of conduct. We also have both anti bullying and child protection policies in place that we expect all members to adhere to at all times. These core documents form the backbone of UKSN, ensuring that our community remains a safe environment for all members.
  • The TRIBE Team hold Advance DBS certificates for complete piece of mind. We also run checks on any volunteer that may 'work' with children at officially organised events or camps.
  • We hold a radio licence from OFCOM that allows members to communicate, without requiring a personal licence.
  • The UKSN is one of a small number of organisations to hold a Camping and Caravan Exemption Certificate in England, Scotland and Wales. This enables us to operate campsites for sole use by our members.
  • The UKSN has a Small Society Lottery Licence allowing us to legally hold raffles and lotteries.
  • UKSN is both a trademark and a trading name of a registered LIMITED Company. This allows us to comply with relevant law and ensure we pay tax on anything we owe. Although technically LTD, UKSN operates like a community organisation.
  • Landowner Assurance

    The UKSN is committed to fostering positive relationships with landowners and campsites to develop a network of sites that are accessible to UKSN members across the country.

Camping and Caravan Exemption Certificate

The UKSN is one of a small number of organisations to hold a Camping and Caravan Exemption Certificate in England, Scotland and Wales. This enables us to operate campsites for sole use by our members.

Leave No Trace

UKSN adheres to a strict "Leave No Trace" policy, ensuring minimal impact on the environment during our activities and events.

Comprehensive Policies and Procedures

Members are required to read and agree to our constitution, strict code of conduct, anti-bullying policy, and child protection procedures, which are based on reputable standards such as those of the Scouts. Taking this one step further, members sign a waiver prior to purchasing tickets to any UKSN event. This is not only designed to protect UKSN and its members, but land owners/campsites from any legal repercussions caused by factors outside of our/their control.

Safety Measures

All primary UKSN volunteers hold DBS certificates, and no activities with children are conducted without parental supervision, prioritising the safety and well-being of all participants. Additionally, we conduct thorough risk assessments for all our activities to identify and mitigate potential hazards.

Flora and Fauna Preservation

UKSN protects the flora and fauna of each site we visit. Our members are educated on the importance of preserving natural habitats and minimising disruption to wildlife during our activities.

Respect for Site Boundaries and Care for Property

UKSN members take care not to damage boundary fencing, property, or anything else for that matter. Before leaving, we always conduct a thorough area sweep to ensure everything is left as it was found. Any rubbish is removed from the site, leaving it clean and undisturbed.

Family-Friendly Community:

The UKSN fosters a welcoming and inclusive community where families can engage in outdoor activities together, promoting skill development and mutual support.

Community Engagement and Environmental Stewardship

By renting land or campsites to UKSN and our members, landowners contribute to the development of a responsible outdoor community. Our members actively engage in activities that promote environmental stewardship and positive community impact.

Proven Track Record

UKSN has a proven track record of successful events and activities, with positive feedback from participants and landowners. Our engagements with landowners demonstrate our professionalism, reliability, and commitment to responsible outdoor recreation.

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