What are UKSN Charters?

Charters are member-run, mutual assistance groups operating within the framework of the UKSN. Originally conceived to provide aid to members during emergencies, Charters have evolved to serve a broader purpose within the UKSN community. Today, they facilitate a wide range of local activities, events, and training sessions aimed at promoting outdoor skills, emergency preparedness, and community resilience.

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How do I Join/Create a Charter?

Want to join or create a UKSN Charter? Head over to the Community Hub and purchase membership from only £2.99 per month, or £29.99 a year.

By becoming a member you not only support UKSN, but unlock a wide range of unique benefits including thousands of discounts, and access to our member only camps.


Want Your Own Charter Store?

If you already run an Official UKSN Charter and want us to stock T-shirts and Hoodies with your logo printed, get in touch. We can do this at no extra cost!

Looking to do a bulk order on behalf of 5+ members? We may be able to offer additional discount! Please get in touch for a quote!