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The UKSN was created to join people together, not only in time of crisis but in everyday life.

Unfortunately technology is rapidly removing key skills we need to survive - skills our ancestors relied upon in everyday life. We are becoming disconnected from our fragile environment. Our children are becoming obsessed with machines and they are not being taught about the wonder that is all around them. We are ever reliant on the Government and not preparing for simple everyday issues, let alone large scale ones.

The UKSN will open you eyes in a unique way. We are not about end of the world scenarios, scaremongering or conspiracy - although it does come up in conversation occasionally. We are about learning and sharing knowledge. We help you to continue your journey, be it through adventure, survival, prepping, bushcraft or even simply camping. We are unbiased and dont allow religion or politics to rule thought. 


  • We are one of the very few groups who put family first and most of our events cater for everyone including disabled members and children.
  • We have our very own online shop that sells tried and tested products. We only sell things that we would personally use and dont sell substandard equipment.
  • We subsidize training and events. Only recently we contributed a few thousand towards our yearly camp and over £150 towards 12 members taking part in first aid training.

*Subject to availability and commitments 

We offer:

  • A family friendly environment
  • A 'base' to share knowledge & skills
  • Camping, Bushcraft and Adventurous Activities
  • Competitions
  • Facebook Group

Paid members additionally get:

  • Digital membership pack & welcome Email
  • Membership challenge coin
  • Member Velcro Patch*
  • Paracord survival bracelet*
  • SN1 membership 
  • Use of the group radio licence
  • Access to our Zello channels
  • Automatic entry into competitions advertised on the main Facebook group.
  • Unique Discounts including 12% on the UKSN store.

*Only available on certain membership tiers

    Where do we reside online?


    The majority of UKSN is centered around our main FACEBOOK group. This is where most of UKSN members 'hang out'. You will be able to read posts, interact with members, join in discussion, seek advice and check out our calendar of events. You can even on occasion catch us live streaming. 

    We additionally operate our paid members group called SN1. This is in development and much more will be happening here in the future. Occasionally we run competitions within the SN1 group for SN1 members only. 


    The Website

    UPDATE: The new website is currently under construction and will be available Q1 2019.

    We have a website which can be accessed by visiting - This is full of key information about UKSN and even includes an ever updating Instagram gallery. 

    Social Media

     We have a variety of social media accounts from PINTEREST to INSTAGRAM. You can find the full list towards the bottom of the page.

    UKSN Store

    We operate our own online store that sells tried, tested and recommended products. We offer a 12% discount on all of our products to SN1 members which means membership pays for itself in no time! The  shop can be found by CLICKING HERE

    How to Join:

    Standard Member

    To join us as a standard FREE member simply join our MAIN FACEBOOK GROUP and like our social media channels to stay upto date in the world of UKSN. 

    Paid Member

    To join as a paid member simply follow the steps to join as a standard member. This ensures the UKSN is for you and you are happy with the organisation and its operation. Once you are happy and want to commit further simply pay for membership through the online store.

    Simply purchase the appropriate tier for yourself or why not purchase for a friend or family member?

    I have joined - Now what?

    Sit back and wait for your membership pack which will be posted out within a couple of weeks! 

    Paracord Bracelet 

    If you have chosen an ELITE tier or higher you will be sent your Paracord Bracelet automatically but separate from other membership items. This is because they are hand made to order.

    To ensure you get the closest bracelet size - Simply measure around the wrist - Dont add extra!!


    For more information please visit