How do you Pronounce P1AN? 

P1AN is pronounced PLAN. It's short, easy to remember, and it's something we all should do: Plan for life's unexpected curve balls.

What is P1AN?

P1AN was originally conceived as a way to help fund the UKSN community. Everything you buy, aids the network in some way! From helping contribute to the UKSN camps, to aiding subsidise activities and training for members. 

By purchasing from P1AN you are making a difference to the entire UKSN community and supporting a small independent UK company.

What is the P1AN Difference?

As well as us contributing profits to the UKSN community, P1AN is a business like no other. Lets take a look at what P1AN offers:

  • TRIED AND TESTED: We try and test everything we sell. We are committed to only offering products that we trust and will use in the 'field' ourselves.
  • QUALITY GUARANTEED: If you are unhappy with a products performance, quality or value drop us a message - give us that important feedback. We will happily offer a variety of solutions including product replacement to collection and refund within 14 day of receiving your order. Just be sure to keep your packaging!
  • WORLD CLASS CUSTOMER SERVICE: With a small UK based customer service team we offer near immediate assistance with any problems with your order or any products purchased from P1AN. Simply drop us a message and we will be in touch within 24 hours with a resolution.
  • WARRANTY: Unlike most retailers we wont fob you off making you deal with the manufacturer. You bought the product from us - Not them. We will deal with everything on your behalf. Peace of mind like no other!
  • P1AN REWARDS: We may send little tokens of our appreciation with your order! Keep an eye out...
  • SUPPORTING UK BASED BUSINESSES: We try to support UK based businesses by purchasing products and services direct where possible. 
  • ECO-FRIENDLY PACKAGING: Protecting the environment is something we are committed to. We use Paypal's 100% recycled cardboard boxes which are 100% recyclable. In addition to this we use eco-friendly tape which is also recyclable. 

  • PAID UKSN MEMBERS: For our paid SN1 Community members we also offer extended warranty on everything in store and 10% discount off everything* we sell - Including reduced or sale items!

Bought to Order FAQ

What is a Bought to Order Product?

On certain products, we have to buy to order. This means when you place the order with us, we then order from the distributor or manufacturer. Bought to order items are not usually held in stock.

This could be due to a number of factors buy not limited to:

  • Unique personalisation requirements

  • Product built / made to order by Pixlfox

  • Crafted on our behalf by a third party

  • High value

  • Over sized items

  • Sold by

Will my Order be Delayed if it Contains a 'Bought to Order' Product?

As we try to buy from UK based company's and distributors, your bought to order product will generally be delivered to our HQ within a couple of days of your initial order. This minimises any potential delay. On certain occasions a delay will be noticeable as the item might have to be shipped in from abroad. This is where our estimated delivery impact scale comes in! We advise buying bought to order items separately to avoid impacting your main order. 

Estimated Delivery Impact Guide

Here at P1AN we have a simple sliding scale to determine delivery impact from any bought to order or pre-order items. Lets take a look:

Estimated Delivery Impact: LOW 



Low Impact items are bought to order from local suppliers or via distributors that utilise fast shipping methods. These will very rarely impact your order and have a 2-3 day average lead time.

Estimated Delivery Impact: Medium



Medium Impact items are bought to order via distributors that have slower delivery times. On average they have a  lead time of around 1 week but could take up to 2 weeks.

Estimated Delivery Impact: High



High Impact items are generally custom or personalised products. In addition to this, they may have to be sourced from a supplier/manufacturer outside of the UK. These items have an average 1 month lead time. An example of this would be the UKSN paracord bracelets which are made to order.




Pre order items are normally products that we are looking to order or have manufactured but require a firm number of orders to proceed. The time scales can vary greatly with these products so watch our Facebook pages and check back regularly.