Trading Card Condition Guide

Card Condition Guide
Cards come in a range of conditions depending on various factors such as age, storage and the amount of times its been played. All of this can unfortunately affect a trading cards resale value.

To ensure our trading cards stay protected, we always store them in sleeves and/or a top loader depending on value. These are then further placed into protective folders or stored within specially designed storage boxes.

Unfortunately not everyone does this which means they can become damaged over time. To help you understand our grading criteria please see the different condition tiers we use to judge our cards when listing below. 

Card Condition Tiers

> Mint/Near Mint (NM): Condition is excellent and pack fresh with minimal wear from shuffling. Near Mint cards have a relatively unmarked surface, crisp edges that have very few white areas. In fact, they look virtually un-played with no major issues visible to the naked eye.
> Lightly Played (LP): These cards may have minor boarder issues, corner wear or slight scuffs and scratches. Lightly Played cards have no major defects such as dirt or creases but may show a few small imperfections. 
> Moderately Played (MP): Cards that are Moderately Played may have border wear, corner wear, whitening, scratches, scuffing or any mixture of these issues. They may also have concentrated damage or imperfections due to mishandling or poor storage.
> Heavily Played (HP): Cards that are heavily played may be soiled or show a variety of imperfections including creasing, whitening and bends that could impact the integrity of the card.
> Damaged (D): These cards may show show heavy wear or major imperfections including rips or tears.