Graphic Design Service by Pixlfox | Logos, Image Editing & More

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Graphic Design Service by Pixlfox | Logos, Image Editing & More

Pixlfox Graphic Design Service

Have a unique idea but don't know how to put 'pen to paper' - fear not! We have you covered. From logos and image editing to everything in between, we can make your project a reality.

We charge a minimum charge of £45 per per hour meaning we are extremely affordable. We can also offer multiple add on services making us a one stop shop for almost any task. Whether you need a unique logo creating or you are starting a new business venture and want a complete design solution - drop us a message and we can give you a quote today.

- Logo design
- Sticker design
- Posters
- Business cards
- Social media / website banners
- Image editing
- Mission patches

Purchased a product but need additional editing?
If you have submitted a design but have been informed it needs additional work to make it viable - please purchase this. Basic image editing such as adding text to an existing image or tracing a drawing can be completed within 1 hour.

Available Options
We have multiple options available and the amount of time required depends on your projects level of complexity. Before purchasing, please get in touch to discuss your project and its unique requirements. 

Require more information?
If you want more info or a quote, please get in touch.