Welcome to Pixlfox

Welcome to Pixlfox

Introducing Pixlfox, your one stop shop for gifts, personalised items, outdoor products, and UKSN merchandise. We even do a little marketing on the side!

Wow, that is an eclectic mix, but an awesome one. It means in a single shop you can treat the entire family and don't have to spend hours browsing the web. We can even wrap your presents if you wish. After all, its the personal touches that make a difference.

Meet Our Brands

Pixlfox is split into 3 main brands, which all provide different products and services. We could have opted for multiple websites, but that's a pain and makes shopping complicated. 

Pixlfox crafts personalised gifts, unique products, and offers marketing services.
P1AN sells tried and tested EDC and outdoor essentials.
UKSN is a leading online community that promotes outdoor skills, bushcraft, and camping. UKSN operates on a 'not for profit' basis with all profits generated being reinvested into the UKSN community.

The Pixlfox Story
Creativity needs an outlet, and what better way to unleash it, than crafting custom products?
Combing a long career in marketing, a little tech knowhow, and a sprinkle of madness - Pixlfox was born!

In fact, Laura (my partner) and I have always had a creative flair and a penchant for perfection. Pixlfox has simply allowed us to take this to all new levels, hand crafting personalised items that have been designed and customised with care.

From vinyl decals, to laser engraved chopping boards, we turn our hands to almost any creative endeavour, producing products that our customers will appreciate and cherish for a lifetime.

You may have also noticed that a lot of our collections prominently feature fossils, stone, bamboo, and other natural, eco friendly materials. This primarily stems from our love for nature and the outdoors.


Before Pixlfox had even been conceived, we were operating a successful outdoor community called UKSN.

From camps and events, to membership, UKSN is still the go to destination for bushcrafters, preppers, and those who love being outside. 

Alongside UKSN we run an online store called P1AN which stocks UKSN merchandise, gifts, EDC items, radios, paracord bracelets, and general camping equipment.


Feedback is Always Welcome!
We hope you enjoy browsing our stores, and look forward to taking your order soon. If you are looking for anything a little more bespoke or have any feedback, please drop us a message. Feedback is vital to our business and we will do everything in our power to ensure you have the best experience possible when shopping at Pixlfox.

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