With 18 different stickers to collect, and a range of ways to earn, start your collection today. Once you have completed your loyalty card you can exchange it for one of many unique UKSN rewards.

Become a UKSN Member

To take part in the Loyalty scheme you need to be a UKSN member. This is because your loyalty card is issued with your membership pack.

Buy Membership

Collect UKSN Loyalty Stickers

Collect stickers with qualifying purchases, attending camps, and taking part in challenges. To earn one of many unique rewards you need 6 stickers. These comprise of one or more camps, 2 challenges, and upto 3 merchandise orders.

Complete Your Loyalty Card

Once you have completed your loyalty card, its time to drop us a message. You will then be given further instructions. When your loyalty card has been recieved by our team and validated, we will send you a unique code that can be used to unlock your chosen reward.

Choose Your Reward

Choose one of the awesome rewards that can be found below. At checkout simply exchange the code for your prize!

UKSN Loyalty

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