Baofeng Radio Programming Service - UKSN Membership Required

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Important Information

Important UKSN Radio Information: 

  • Retail packaging is not included 
  • UKSN channels/frequencies are only available to paid Advanced, Ultimate or allocated UKSN members. 
  • Valid UKSN membership is required to use this programmed radio.
  • Using UKSN frequencies without valid membership could result in legal action and/or an unlimited fine.
  • If you buy a member radio without supplying your SN1 number in the notes at checkout - you will automatically be sent a non programmed radio.
  • The radio might be branded Baofeng, Misuta, or Esync but you can rest assured, Baofeng has manufactured it. 

Stock Information / Pre-order:

  • We try to hold Baofeng radios in stock but are occasionally bought to order.
  • They are then rigorously tested and programmed (if required) by UKSN / P1AN.
  • Orders generally take no longer than 2 weeks if in stock with the manufacturer / distributor.
  • We recommend buying comms equipment separately to avoid delaying the rest of your order.

UKSN Frequency Information

Paid UKSN Advance & Ultimate Members unlock the following preinstalled channels:

  • 3x standard UKSN channels (including a family channel)
  • 9x main UKSN licensed channels
  • 36x UKSN toned channels (designed to remove interference & cross talk)
  • Raynet (Radio Amateurs Emergency Network) - Monitoring only
  • SHTF frequency list - Monitoring only
  • FRS - Monitoring only
  • GMRS - Monitoring only
  • MURS - Monitoring only
  • ISS - International Space Station - Monitoring only

Baofeng Radio Programming Service - UKSN Membership Required

Need your new radio programming with the UKSN frequencies? Never fear, we got you!

Simply ship your Baofeng radio to us, and we will program, test, and return within 12 working days.

All of our core, and recommended monitoring channels will be installed, allowing you to communicate with local UKSN members. 

Alternatively, why not purchase a preprogrammed radio? CLICK HERE to browse our wide selection of member only, pre-configured units.

*** Please note: Advanced or Ultimate UKSN Membership is REQUIRED to purchase this item. To purchase please CLICK HERE ***