UKSN Region 5 Flag - South West (100 x 70cm) - Ideal for Charters

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UKSN Region 5 Flag - South West (100 x 70cm) - Ideal for Charters

Looking to share what UKSN Region you are from? Now you can with our stunning range of flags. Each Region flag has a design that was curated by members to highlight famous features, landmarks, tales, and folk law from their particular region.

As will all UKSN flags, they are not your average run of the mil junk that you might find on most websites or stores. They are manufactured in small batches from premium grade fabric and sublimation printed using an innovative process that really makes the colours pop.

From flag poles, to ridgelines, each flag comes with pre-attached clips allowing you to connect to almost anything. 

The flags themselves measure a tidy 100 x 70cm and are of course weather resistant. In addition to this, the flags can withstand conditions up to gale force 7!

Region 5 Flag Iconography and Meaning
Region 5 is composed of 8 areas; Cornwall, Devon, North Somerset, South Somerset, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Dorset and the Isles of Scilly. Our flag features 3 of our iconic landmarks, the ancient and mystical Stonehenge that has adorned the Wiltshire countryside for over 4000 years, and the Clifton Suspension Bridge an engineering masterpiece designed by the civil engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel, who was responsible for a lot of the transportation infrastructure throughout our region. Both of these are being held aloft balanced on the arms of Somerset's Willow man, a 40 foot sculpture that was built to celebrate the role of Willow in the ecology and craft tradition of the Somerset levels. The design additionally features 2 Horseshoe bats circling the Willow man, as the UK’s largest population is actually based here in the South West. The orange colour was chosen for our flag colour to represent the breath taking sunsets we receive on the South West coast.

UKSN Regions

Region-1 : Scotland & Northern Ireland
Region-2 : Wales
Region-3 : North West & West Midlands (England)
Region-4 : North East & East Midlands (England)
Region-5 : South West (England
Region-6 : South East (England)

Please Note:
The flags are manufactured on demand to our specifications and design. They are not held in stock and sent directly from the manufacturer.